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CS2SA Coaching Philosophy

We believe in developing productive student athletes. In order to accomplish that task we must first believe that the student athletes and their families are our top priority. Everything we do and say are going to influence them. Your nonverbal language will also play an extremely large role. Even though our camps are free, we still are providing a product to the community. We want to be a resource for both the student athletes and their parents. The relationship among the student athletes and their families MUST remain professional at all times. We are creating a bond with these kids and their families. We don’t want these kids to go to the city streets to find that bond.

Our camps have always attracted some of the best athletes in the community. However, we spend more one on one time with the student athlete that has the least amount of athletic ability. We challenge the most athletic student to help the least athletic if the opportunity presents itself.

We require the student athletes to properly greet the coaches and staff with a firm handshake and eye contact. We strive to have interactive camps because we are not drill instructors, we are mentors.  We are well known for our enthusiastic and hardcore training style.

Our main objective is trying to instill the seven (7) following principles to the student athletes that we mentor:

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