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CS2SA Turkey Giveaway and Bowl Game

CS2SA distributed more than 350 Turkeys to the community during their 1st Annual Turkey Bowl, powered by Motie Sports.

City Streets 2 Student Athletes
& Military Veterans
City Streets 2 Student Athletes
Cleats and Character Summit
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Why we do what we do

City Streets to Student Athletes, Inc. (CS2SA) was established to deter athletic students from drugs and crime in the city streets and develop them into productive student athletes.

CS2SA emphasizes the importance of a proper balance between their scholastic and athletic endeavors. We provide student athletes with programs that will enhance their skills and knowledge on and off the field.

We NEED Your Help

CS2SA has established an innovative off-season speed camp that is coached entirely by community volunteers; including former NFL and collegiate athletes, law enforcement officers, teachers, local businessmen, and community leaders.

The speed camp caters to the youth in the local community ages 8-18 and assists student athletes with fine tuning their athletic skills. The speed camp promotes the development of both physical and life skills. Coaches emphasize teamwork, nutrition, leadership and discipline.

The speed camps are held on Sunday’s throughout the month of January and are “free” to all participants. All student athletes are required to sign our drug-free pledge and commit to live a drug-free life.

Coaches map out a strategy for success!

CS2SA would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of the CS2SA coaching staff and mentors. Countless hours have been spent developing drills and training techniques to assist the student athletes to reach their full potential.

Starting with our youngest athletes, we provide speed, strength, agility, and endurance training. Through detailed instruction our program provides a fun, challenging and safe program which helps student athletes obtain a higher level of physical performance. Through hard work and perseverance student athletes can excel to the next level. The discipline required and the success attained through the CS2SA experience creates an athlete that is unshakable on and off the field.

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